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Shabbat, the seventh day of the week, is a day of rest and reset. Every Friday evening, Israeli families meet at a table set with delicacies to talk about the events of past few days and spend time together.


Apart from these two aspects, Shabbat dinners at Hillel are also an opportunity to learn about what matters to us now - connecting Jewish values to the contemporary world - from invited guests: researchers, social activists, experts in their fields.





Every once in a while we leave Warsaw and Cracow to spend a few days together in a foreign place. Thanks to this, we can get to know the Jewish communities in other cities, visit places connected with history, but also open our heads to the knowledge and ideas we encounter along the way.

Shabbatonim are a special type of such trips. Surrounded by nature, we start Shabbat together and spend two days at workshops, lectures and games with invited guests.

There is nothing cooler than holidays spent together: from crazy Purim to luminous Hannukah, we like to gather at one table and participate in the traditions of our ancestors.

Every Jewish holiday has a universal aspect - we always try to learn something about the world around us. Tu biShvat is an opportunity to talk about ecology, Passover - about refugees. That is why even those of us who are far from religious can find something for themselves in the holidays at Hillel.





For centuries used only for prayers and sacred matters, the Hebrew language was renewed and adapted to the present day by Zionists - the greatest dreamers of the 20th century. Resurrected along with the State of Israel, it replaced Yiddish as a common Jewish language.

Learning Hebrew is a matter of consistent work and exercise. At Hillel, we organize lessons for participants of our programs at an attractive price tailored to the student's financial capacity.

Taglit Birthright is a free 10-day educational trip for Jewish youth, aiming to familiarize them with the State of Israel, but also Jewish culture and tradition. During the trip, participants visit famous cities and tourist milestones, but also less known areas that not everyone knows about.

Are you 18-27 years old and have Jewish roots? Contact us - Hillel organizes trips of Polish groups every year. We ensure from our own experience: this opportunity should not be missed!




fun & friends

Nothing connects people like a good time does. That is why we also meet at ease, as a group of friends, to watch a good movie or play board games, make sushi or Shabbat challot by ourselves. Word to word, conversations go to very different topics: from interesting recipes to discussions on politics and history.

If you want to meet Hillel folk in a casual atmosphere, entertainment programs are a good start. Drop by and see how cool it is at Hillel!

When we work together, there is not a single challenge we cannot cope with. Sometimes inspired by holidays or current events, and sometimes just for fun - we like to learn new things. Forest in a jar? Moss sculptures? Producing Kiddush cups with clay? Veni, vidi, vici. We came, we saw, we conquered!


Sometimes, if we can, we help others: by selling the effects of workshops at charity fairs, renovating Jewish cemeteries or simply volunteering.





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